Cyberpunk 2077 :: Life in Santo Domingo

Here are some concepts I made for the subdistricts of Santo Domingo: Arroyo and Rancho Coronado. We made a lot of these kind of concepts throughout the development process, to figure out the locations, views, but also the lighting and cinematic events. I really love Arroyo, one of my favorite districts, and an early idea was to have huge cargo AV's flying over with eyes on them. The second image is an early development shot of Rancho Coronado, where I wanted to emphasize the contrast with the huge megabuildings. The third shot is a visualization of a cinematic event where the player runs into an ambush in Arroyo.

Art director: Lucjan Więcek & Jakub Knapik
Credits to the environment and asset teams whose assets I could use for the third shot!
The vehicle in the second shot was modeled by Paul Dalessi.